Map highlights opportunities for climate adaptation through livestock A woman in Southern Madagascar feeds a batch of chickens and their offspring with Maize. Photo credit: Land O Lakes Venture 37


Map highlights opportunities for climate adaptation through livestock

As the COP26 Climate Talks get underway in Glasgow, a new map offers valuable evidence for policy makers to address the role that livestock play in climate adaptation, rural development, and global food security

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LD4D community discussions

LD4D launches summer learning sessions

Discover the latest innovations in livestock data at the Livestock Data Summer Sessions
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Dairy cows in Kenya wait to be tested using the P4 Rapid tool, which detects whether they are in heat. Photo: Creative Age.

Next generation livestock technologies: chewable vaccines, super larvae, and rapid fertility tests

New technologies could boost the livestock sector in low-and middle-income countries
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Our Best Defence Against Future Pandemics is Data

The case for investing in data-driven animal health systems

"To improve our current defences against emerging animal diseases, the world needs more focused and directed investment into the systematic collection, organisation, and use of existing animal health data," writes SEBI-Livestock Director Prof Andy Peters in a recent guest essay. 
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Database of Veterinary Medicines Regulators

New global database of Veterinary Medicines Regulators launched

Tool aims to help industry connect more effectively with veterinary medicine regulators
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Mastitis training materials in Amharic

Ethiopia’s dairy sector welcomes mastitis training materials

New tool aims to boost milk production and improve animal health
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Goat in a market in Nigeria photo credit- ILRI Mann

Launch of new SEBI-Livestock 5-year programme

A new five-year programme will continue our work on mobilising data and evidence for better decisions in the livestock sector.
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