Learning from success: how Burkina Faso's farmers embraced improved chickens and cattle A small scale commercial poultry farm in Burkina Faso. Photo: Ceva.


Learning from success: how Burkina Faso’s farmers embraced improved chickens and cattle

Illustration of a farmer leading a bull

Free training resources aimed to improve dairy cattle fertility

Open-source videos can guide smallholder farmers in low-and middle-income countries to make better decisions
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Locally available detergents to test for Mastitis in Africa

A simple test to detect disease in African dairy cattle

Detergent is a key ingredient in the California Milk Test, a long-established method to test for Mastitis. This study determined which locally available detergents could help farmers in Nigeria and Ethiopia quickly and cheaply detect the disease.
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Two long-horned goats in Abergelle, Ethiopia

Addressing the fragmented landscape of animal health data

The systematic evidence map for Ethiopia pulls together insights on cattle and small ruminant health and mortality, drawn from over 700 research articles published over the last decade.
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A herd of long-horned cattle gather at Ghibe river in Ethiopia

What do we know about livestock diseases in Ethiopia? A birds-eye view of recent evidence

A systematic evidence map allows users to quickly take stock of evidence on livestock disease prevalence and mortality. The map reveals the distribution and quantity of available evidence, and highlights areas for further investment and research.
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A young Kenyan boy with a cow from his herd.

We need new ways to measure animal health

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of tracking health indicators - but also of choosing the right indicators to track. This holds for both human and animal populations, writes Prof. Andy Peters, program director for SEBI-Livestock.
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A Borana girl holds a young goat in Yabello, Ethiopia.

Simple measures can reduce Young Stock Mortality in Ethiopia

Instilling good husbandry and health practices in young stock-rearing has the potential to significantly increase survival of young livestock in Ethiopia.
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