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A curated data and evidence hub by and for the livestock data community

Launched in May 2020, is an open-access hub for livestock data and evidence. The site is managed by SEBI-Livestock on behalf of the Livestock Data for Decisions (LD4D) Community of practice. The platform supports LD4D’s objective to drive informed livestock decision-making through better use of data and analyses, by presenting easy-to-access data and evidence relating to livestock in low-and middle-income countries. The site offers curated data, interactive tools, visualisations, best practices and case studies, and aims to be the leading resource addressing the global livestock sector’s data challenges and demands.

A space for LD4D community resources 

The initial target audience for is the LD4D community , as well as groups who generate livestock data, offering best practices around data for Monitoring and Learning, data collection, collation, presentation and interpretation. The site is also aimed at funding bodies that invest in livestock development. Through the LD4D community, SEBI-Livestock has access to a network of data experts, producers, and users from across the livestock sector, offering a unique opportunity to curate content and tailor evidence to different stakeholder groups. is a new data platform for the livestock community.
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The ambition is to sustain a unique space to collate, share and advance activities and products developed by the community and for the community. Content is driven by the LD4D Community of Practice, and thematic expert advisors from the community will review the development and promotion of fresh content. This will help ensure the evidence provided is the ‘best-available’ and ‘fit-for-purpose’ for decision makers.

The site is also home to the LD4D blog which spotlights innovations from across the community of practice, and offers news and updates on community-led activities.

A repository for SEBI-Livestock data and insights will present SEBI-Livestock’s work to collate and curate data about the wider livestock development context, including animal health, production, populations, gender, nutrition, economics and the environment. This data underlies our efforts to monitor the impacts of livestock development initiatives. Additional resources emerging from the monitoring and learning work will also be openly available, to share best practice and develop technical capacity.

Scaling up evidence through innovation

Responding to data demands at scale requires sophisticated informatics approaches, and SEBI-Livestock’s collaboration with the University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Centre will help provide such solutions. The website aims to increase the use of existing and novel datasets, using informatics to extract hard to reach secondary data. The objective is to distil complex and specialised data into easy-to-understand insights, largely through data visualisations.

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